15 invigorating idioms to put a spring in your step

Spring in one's step and other spring idiomsNow that the clocks have gone forward, I think it’s safe to say that spring has well and truly arrived. Even if the weather here in the UK doesn’t appear to have received the memo!

Not surprisingly, a blog post about spring idioms and sayings ‘sprung to mind’ as an obvious addition to my idioms series.

I knew there would be quite a few spring idioms, but didn’t realise just how many we have in the English language.

Only a few of these expressions are in fact related to the season – most are linked to the verb spring or the coiled device – but they are all ‘spring-like’ nonetheless.

Spring idioms uncoiled

Full of the joys of spring = very happy and enthusiastic

No spring chicken = a person who’s not exactly young anymore

Spring a leak = develop a leak (originally a phrase in nautical use, referring to timbers springing out of position)

Spring back = recover quickly and completely

Spring clean = thoroughly clean a place, especially in springtime

Spring fever = feeling of restlessness experienced by many people at the onset of spring

Spring for something = treat someone by paying for something

Spring (forth) from someone or something = gush out of someone or something

Spring in one’s step = someone who looks happy and full of energy

Spring into action = do something quickly and with energy

Spring something on someone = surprise someone with something; pull a trick on someone

Spring to mind = immediately think of someone or something

Spring to one’s feet = stand up quickly

Spring to someone’s defence = go quickly to defend someone

Spring to life = become suddenly alive or active

Which of these spring idioms and phrases is your favourite? Mine is the ‘spring chicken’, even if I can’t exactly claim to be one! Do you have any others to share?

(image courtesy of Suriya Kankliang via Freedigitalphotos.net)

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    I love to read these great spring idioms. Thank you much for explaining and sharing.

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