7 cool Christmas gift ideas for writers

Whether you’re after stocking fillers for teenage students, a Secret Santa present for an office colleague or something special for a full-time writer, you can find loads of gorgeous gift ideas for writers, readers and literature fans online.

Gifts for writers: Shakespeare rubber duckHere are a few suggestions to point you on your way…

It might be a bit kitsch, but this Shakespeare rubber duck is guaranteed to put a smile on any budding writer’s face – whether they keep it in the bathroom or put it on their desk.

(Source: Amazon/Shop4Ducks)

Gifts for writers: Literally grammar grumble mugMost writers rely on a regular injection of caffeine to keep their creative juices flowing. This Grammar Grumble mug is therefore the perfect present for anyone who cringes at the frequent misuse of the word “literally”.

You could even splash out and release their inner grammar nerd by buying the full set of six mugs.

(Source: The Literary Gift Company)

Scrabble alphabet letterG coasterHow about a Scrabble-style alphabet coaster to go with the grammar mug? Or any mug for that matter?

I was given one of these as a birthday present. It’s now adorning my desk, where it’s catching the coffee stains as well as serving as a useful reminder of my name!

(Source: The Letter Room)

Pencil sockYes, I know what you’re thinking… socks are a somewhat predictable Christmas pressie. But nobody ever said that they have to be plain or boring!

These fun pencil socks are ideal gifts for keeping writers both sharp and warm during the winter months, while they furiously tap or scribble away.

(Source: Amazon)

Jane Austen book wine charms

After a hard day’s grafting, some writers like to seek solace in a glass (or two) of wine. Not that I’d know of course!

What could therefore be more appropriate than this set of 6 Jane Austen wine glass charms?

(Source: Etsy)

Door sign for writers who procrastinateWriters are renowned for their procrastination skills (ahem, no comment!).

So what better gift idea than a tongue-in-cheek door sign to recognise this state of affairs?

(Source: Etsy)

Gifts for writers: Keyboard bagAnd last, but by no means least, what do you buy the writer who has everything?

A pink keyboard bag, of course!

(Source: Recylart)

Hopefully these gift ideas for writers have given you some inspiration. Have you spotted any writing-themed presents that you think are equally cool?

Do let me know in the comments as I’m always on the look out for original gift ideas for myself or for fellow wordsmiths.

(Updated on 22nd December 2016 as some of the items were no longer available from the original stockists.)

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13 comments on “7 cool Christmas gift ideas for writers
  1. Creative list! I like the variety of options you’ve pulled together. 🙂 You’re right–they’re a bit different from the usual, which is fun.

  2. Adel says:

    Top marks for the keyboard bag. very cool.

  3. Mel says:

    The socks are cool, although quite tempted by the Jane Austen glass thingys and the mug. 🙂

  4. Caroline Barry says:

    Which one will I be getting??

  5. Todd says:

    Haha… love these.

    I especially like the cushion as I never finish anything either!

    That reminds me of a great story about marketing actu…

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