7 delicious ways to eat your words

As someone who loves social media and cakes, I enjoyed this recent article on PR Daily featuring four fabulous social network-inspired creations. And it got me thinking: what word or writing-related edibles are out there?

The answer is loads. Here’s a small selection of yummy looking cakes and cookies that I found over on Pinterest – perfect for all sweet-toothed wordsmiths. Now you literally can eat your words!

Oxford Dictionary cake
Oxford Dictionary cake
Scrabble cake
Scrabble cake
3D letters made of edible gelatine
3D sweet letters made from gelatine
Notebook paper marshmallows
Notebook paper marshmallows
Coloured pencil cookies
Pencil cookies
Vintage typewriter cookies
Typewriter cookies
And last, but not least, my personal favourites: Nerdy bookworm cookies    
Bookworm cookies
So, which of these tickle your taste buds? Or have you seen any other edible treats along similar lines?

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4 comments on “7 delicious ways to eat your words
  1. That Scrabble cake is INCREDIBLE!

  2. Caroline says:

    The amount of work in every cake is amazing – what patience!!

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