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A (not so) brief lesson in Latin abbreviations

Latin abbreviations

As writers we’re often encouraged to keep things short and to the point. After all, “Brevity is the soul of wit”.[1] Many of the abbreviations we rely on in everyday English have Latin origins. In fact, the word abbreviation derives

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What’s the story, autumn glory?

One of the many differences between British English and American English that’s always intrigued me is autumn vs. fall. We use winter, spring and summer on both sides of the pond. Yet we can’t seem to agree what to call this time of

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17 words for things you probably didn’t know had names

As a self-confessed word nerd, I love learning new words. Whether it’s something I read online or a sneaky (some might say lucky) move by one of my opponents on Words With Friends, I get a buzz from expanding my vocabulary

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