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Puzzle solver: what jigsaws and copywriting have in common

Detail from one of my finished jigsaws: The Study of Squares by Wassily Kandinsky

Like many others, I turned to various creative pursuits for a welcome distraction during lockdown. One of these was rediscovering a favourite childhood pastime: jigsaws. Not only has this helped take my mind off other things these past few months,

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When did you last phone a friend?

Red rotary dial telephone

Back in the ‘old days’ it was simple. If you wanted to speak to a friend, you picked up the phone and dialed their number. On a landline. But these days you have to choose from an overwhelming array of

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Heard of hygge but not sure what it’s all about?

Hygge for cats

Unless you’ve had your head completely buried under the duvet in recent years, you can’t fail to have noticed that hygge is the mot du jour. Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ or ‘hue-gah’) is an integral part of Danish culture, especially during the

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