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Would you rather read the book than/then see the film?

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Than or then? These two words might look – and even sound – quite similar, but every day I see people mix them up. Not only is this a grammatical howler, but it can also give a totally different meaning to their sentence.

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Freelancing tips for beginners: 15 do’s and don’ts

Freelancing tips

This week’s blog post was inspired by an email I received from a work contact. After recently leaving an in-house position, she’s now dipping her toes into the world of freelancing. So she asked if I had any advice for people starting out or

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Simple yet effective tips for recycling content

At this time of year, many people automatically recycle their Christmas tree, greetings cards and wrapping paper. Some even repurpose cards into gift tags to use next year (I did it once, but keep forgetting to use them!). But have you thought

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