Over the years I’ve written about a vast range of subjects, ranging from cloud computing to moisturising cream. Clients and projects have largely fallen into the following industry sectors, but that’s not to say that I couldn’t tackle something outside of these.


TechnologyI’m not a technical writer per se, but I have a proven track record of producing intelligible web content and marketing material for technology clients. Find out more ↦

Professional services

Business servicesOrganisations offering professional or financial services require a wealth of content that is factually correct, well written and easily understood. Find out more ↦

Home & leisure

Home and leisureCompanies operating in this highly competitive sector need to stand out from the crowd through the use of interesting, engaging and persuasive content. Find out more ↦

Health & beauty

Health and beautyThe requirement for copy within this dynamic sector is fairly universal: it needs to be alluring and informative – with a compelling call to action. Find out more ↦