Blogging is an essential component of any content marketing strategy. As well as being a cost-effective tool for boosting traffic to your website by adding fresh content, it demonstrates your expertise and helps develop your brand’s voice.

Whether yours is a small business or a large company, the simple fact is that you should be blogging.

Customers and prospects like blogs, provided that the content is well written, original and relevant to your business. It should also address their interests and answer their needs, rather than be a platform for self promotion. What’s more, informational content such as how-to guides and in-depth articles all contribute to a site’s overall SEO performance.

Just as important as subject matter is blog post frequency.

If you only blog once a month, it will take years to affect your ranking. The more often you post, so long as you don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, the faster Google will understand your market and your target audience.

Ideally you should blog at least once a week, preferably more. But all this takes time, effort and commitment.

This is where ghostwriting blogging services provide the ideal solution.

If you have some great ideas for blog topics but lack the time or writing skills to create a blog post from them, I can transform your rough notes into an interesting article that’s also optimised for SEO.

Or, if you prefer, I can produce a post completely from scratch, undertaking the necessary research as well as writing it in line with your chosen tone of voice.

A third option is for me to breathe new life into existing content by repurposing your web copy, white papers, newsletters and other marketing material into blog posts.

So if you think it’s about time you started a company blog, get in touch to find out more about my flexible, affordable blogging services.

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