Copy editing

Ever had to write something in a hurry, but it’s not as good as it could be? Maybe you have a document with several authors – each with their own writing style – that doesn’t quite ‘hang together’?

Or perhaps your content was written in a language other than English and then translated by a non-native English speaker? So it’s technically correct, but doesn’t sound quite right.

In each of these situations, your copy would benefit from editing by a professional copy editor, who can step back and critique objectively.

Drawing on my strong grasp of the English language, together with my marketing knowledge, I can fine-tune your draft words into polished copy that’s fit for purpose.

The result? Clear and concise text that flows properly, avoids any repetition or inconsistencies, follows your style guidelines and meets your communication objectives.

Over the years my comprehensive copy editing services have enhanced a broad range of material. This ranges from articles, brochures, newsletters and web content to sales proposals, employee handbooks, business books and technical manuals.

Copy editing inherently includes proofreading, which will identify any spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes. Alternatively, this is available as a standalone service if you prefer.

Not sure whether your copy needs editing or just requires proofreading? The best place to start is to send me a sample of your written content to evaluate. I’ll let you know what I think it needs to elevate it to the next level. Then we can take it from there.

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