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Plural acronyms: apostrophe or no apostrophe?

If you’re a grammar pedant like me, signs like this – or ones advertising CD’s For Sale – will most likely make your toes curl and set your teeth on edge. Yet the majority of people have become so used to

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An ABC guide to everyday acronyms

The English language is positively brimming with acronyms, such as ASAP, B2B, FAQ and TLC. And OMG, don’t even get me started on text speak, like BRB, LOL, ROFL et al! But did you know that what many people refer

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Apostrophes: how to use (not abuse) them

The humble apostrophe may be small and trivial to some, but its correct usage brings disproportionate pleasure to all us grammar geeks. My personal bugbears are apostrophes used in plural nouns or decades (1980’s makes me cringe every time), or when it’s is used instead of its and

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