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A whole year on the blog: review of 2015

As seems customary at this time of year, I’m taking the easy option this week and doing a blog review to see what worked and what didn’t. But instead of having to trawl through my blog’s stats for 2015, the kind people

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2014 blog roundup: the good, the bad and the unusual

As yet another year draws to a close, it seems to be customary for bloggers to take a moment to reflect on their blog’s performance during the previous 12 months. This not only provides the opportunity to highlight some of their

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It’s time to take the plunge

Person diving into a swimming pool (representing diving into my new blog)

So – deep breath – this is it! After blogging for several clients over the past year or so, and reading A LOT of blogs by other copywriters and experienced bloggers, it’s time to dive in and start my own…

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