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Go grab your pinny: it’s time to ready, steady, BAKE!

Baking idioms: Have your cake & eat it

Well, it’s certainly all hotting up in the GBBO* tent ahead of this year’s final… Hopefully there won’t be a soggy bottom in sight! The art of baking covers a wide range of culinary delights, from bread, cakes and biscuits

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Celebrating 18 years as a freelancer

18 years as a freelancer

Out of the blue, the thought occurred to me the other day that it’s been 18 years – give or take a couple of weeks – since I set up my stall as a freelancer after working in-house for several

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7 delicious ways to eat your words

As someone who loves social media and cakes, I enjoyed this recent article on PR Daily featuring four fabulous social network-inspired creations. And it got me thinking: what word or writing-related edibles are out there? The answer is loads. Here’s

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