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My top 5 talks from Copy Cabana 2016

Copy Cabana copywriting talks

The inaugural Copy Cabana copywriting conference held yesterday at Silicon Beach in Bournemouth exceeded all my expectations. While it’s still fresh in my mind, I thought I’d share my favourite talks from the day – along with my key takeaways (which may well

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Why it’s OK to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’

Yes / No sign

Turning down work as a freelancer is never easy, but I recently did just that. “What?” I hear you say. “You must be mad!” Perhaps. But I like to think it was a rational decision. And the right one for

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What do ’80s hits and today’s copywriters have in common?

I’ve a confession: I loved the ’80s. The music, the fashion, the hair… Well, OK, maybe not the hair! But even though that decade is now a dim and distant memory, I’m still an ’80s girl at heart. Nostalgia FM The

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