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From books to bones: how my career path (nearly) panned out

Do you ever wonder what job or profession you might be doing now if your career had taken a different direction? Perhaps if you’d got better grades at school or had accepted job offer A versus job offer B? From

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Singing for our supper: 21 qualities X Factor contestants and copywriters need to succeed

Silhouette of a singer to represent X Factor contestants

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that The X Factor is back on our screens for its 12th series. Love it or hate it – I’m a fan but not an addict – the show still

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Freelancing tips for beginners: 15 do’s and don’ts

Freelancing tips

This week’s blog post was inspired by an email I received from a work contact. After recently leaving an in-house position, she’s now dipping her toes into the world of freelancing. So she asked if I had any advice for people starting out or

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