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Why copy-editing is like gardening

Like many of you, the recent spate of spring sunshine has enticed me out into the garden to do some much-needed tidying and cutting back in the borders. While snipping away with my secateurs, it occurred to me that copy-editing

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From flowerbeds to Hollywood: euonyms explored

Most people are familiar with acronyms, homonyms, pseudonyms and synonyms. But there are several other words with the suffix –onym that I’ve only recently discovered. As a linguist and bit of a word nerd, my natural instinct is to investigate further

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Bumper crop of gardening idioms for you to pick from

Gardening idiom: sow the seeds of

After visiting two delightful gardens last weekend – one belonging to the National Trust and a private one open under the National Gardens Scheme – I was inspired to research gardening idioms for this week’s post. As with most idiomatic

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