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Extreme weather gives rise to some interesting terminology

Recent weeks have seen some pretty extreme weather conditions in certain parts of the world. While many Australians swelter in excessive heat, parts of the U.S. have – quite literally – been buried under several feet of snow. So it’s

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Chill out with these winter idioms and phrases

Winter idioms

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is well underway – we’re not exactly snowed in in the UK, but we are expecting a few flakes tonight! So, seeing as we Brits like to discuss the weather as we go about our daily lives, I’ve put

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Whatever the weather, we’ve an idiom for it

Weather idioms: raining cats and dogs

We Brits talk about the weather a lot. It dominates our everyday conversations and is always a reliable opener for small talk. It’s not surprising, therefore, that a number of weather-related idioms have crept into the English language over the

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