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So what exactly do copywriters do?

What copywriters do

You might not realise it, but the work of copywriters infiltrates every facet of our daily lives – from TV adverts and promotional flyers through the door to website content and instruction booklets. Yet many people still don’t really know what

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Freelance copywriting: then and now (part 2)

Freelance copywriting services: impact of technology

Following on from Part 1 last week, which looked at changes to the type of work I do and my client base, this post explores the major impact that technology has had on my freelance copywriting services – mostly for the better…

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Freelance copywriting: then and now

"I'm older than the internet" slogan, plus a computer mouse

The world of freelance copywriting has undergone huge changes since I began back in October 1996 (was it really that long ago?). It didn’t happen overnight though; it’s been a gradual process over many years. Overall, the changes have been

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