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Navigating my first 6 months on Twitter

After much deliberation and soul-searching (well, procrastination followed by a much-needed nudge) I finally joined Twitter back in January 2015. Here’s what I’ve discovered during my first 6 months… It’s all in the open The most important thing to remember

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With word of mouth, it pays to be talked about

Like many freelance copywriters, a large portion of my business comes via personal referrals from people I’ve previously worked for – sometimes several years ago. Not surprisingly, word of mouth is considered to be the most effective marketing tool, because

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From a Twitter newbie: here’s what I’ve learnt so far

Hello, my name is Geraldine and I’m a Twitter newbie… After much deliberation and shilly-shallying, I finally signed up to Twitter about two weeks ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t get @EveryWordCounts for my user name as it had already gone, so my Twitter handle

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