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Crumbs… who’d have guessed there are so many names for bread rolls?

Bread rolls

Following on from my previous post on names for plimsolls, attention now turns to what we Brits call the humble bread roll. As I suspected, there’s a far greater variety of names for bread rolls than there is for elasticated

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Daps, pumps or plimsolls… what do YOU call your canvas shoes?

Converses: one of the main brand of canvas shoes

A recent online chat with a graphic designer in Bristol (near my home town of Bath) reminded me of the different names we use for everyday objects. In this case it was footwear. Or, to be precise, canvas shoes. A dap

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You can call me G… but I prefer Geraldine

Scrabble alphabet letterG coaster

I’ve blogged on the subject of names a few times. But thus far I’ve neglected to cover the singular most important one to me: my own. So this post aims to put that right. Even if it is a little indulgent. In

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