Say Hello… Wave Goodbye?

Say hello or goodbye to the EU?I’ve been a bit remiss with my blogging lately, but I felt compelled to publish one today as Britain takes to the polls in the historic EU referendum.

Don’t worry; this post is going to stay well away from politics.

Instead, I thought a quick language lesson might be in order – so that you’re equipped with the linguistic basics whatever the result is tomorrow.

And what better words to pick than from a song title by one of my favourite 80s bands: Soft Cell’s Say Hello, Wave Goodbye?

So, without further ado, here’s how to say Hello* and Goodbye* in the languages of the 28 member countries of the EU.

* To keep things simple, I’ve just focused on the main word used for Hello (not informal variants like Hi, Hey etc) and Goodbye (not Bye, Cheerio etc).

Country Hello Goodbye
Austria Hallo Auf Wiedersehen
Belgium Bonjour / Hallo Au revoir / Vaarwel
Bulgaria  Zdraveĭ Sbogom
Croatia Zdravo Doviđenja
Republic of Cyprus Yasa Andio
Czech Republic Ahoj Sbohem
Denmark Hej Farvel
Estonia Tere Hüvasti
France Bonjour Au revoir
Finland Hei Hyvästi
Germany Hallo Auf Wiedersehen
Greece Chaírete Antío
Hungary Helló Viszontlátásra
Ireland Hello Goodbye
Italy Ciao Arrivederci
Latvia Sveiki Ardievas
Lithuania Sveiki Sudie
Luxembourg Hallo Äddi
Malta Bongu Addiju
Netherlands Hallo Vaarwel
Poland Cześć Do widzenia
Portugal Olá Tchau
Romania Bună ziua La revedere
Slovakia Ahoj Dovidenia
Slovenia Zdravo Zbogom
Spain Hola Adiós
Sweden Hej Adjö
UK Hello Goodbye

Please accept my apologies if I’ve made any mistakes. When searching online I found alternatives for quite a few of the countries, so I went with what seemed to be the most common word.

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